Monday, May 26, 2014

The Fire At Glasgow School Of Art

To us, this is what a fire at the Louvre might be to Parisians. It's that bad. We don't have much of a visual arts heritage in Scotland; we think we do, but we don't really, as the loss of patronage occasioned by the removal of James VI and I to London in 1603 upon the Union of Crowns retarded the production of visual art here for at least two full centuries (one of the great unanswered questions of Scottish history is whether the same retardation of visual art was a factor that led to our subsequent emphasis on technical education, at which we certainly did excel, but that's another story). The Mackintosh Building is very possibly the single most important piece of visual art ever produced in Scotland, made so that art could be made within art, and the thought of it being damaged is just so saddening. Your heart can't help but go out to students who've lost work.

We are all proud of that building, one of the most important and least contentious pieces of our common Scottish heritage; our own wee crown jewel. May it rise again, and, yes, flourish.

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Blogger Steve Sailer said...

Thanks. Most eloquent.

It seems like we have the technology these days to restore destroyed buildings pretty much fully. Hopefully somebody measured it with laser beams and all that before the fire. They've rebuilt greens at St. Andrews golf course to a fraction of an inch by first measuring them with lasers, so there is hope.

If I were David Cameron, I'd pony up the money to rebuild right now!

06 June, 2014 23:24  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Steve. I've seen two different architectural historians describe it as the most original buliding ever put up in the UK, so you really do have to hope the trustees have taken care of thgings like that.

I hope you and your family are wll.

06 June, 2014 23:51  

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