Monday, February 04, 2013

The Former Oases Of Peace

"Those were the years during which one could spend the night on the terraced roof of the convent conversing and looking at the stars, so clear and bright. Now we would probably be mistaken for terrorists by the soldiers on patrol.

That world has been struggling for years, with growing fatigue, to remain faithful to its history as an open community. Many Western religious have been repatriated. Blocks of cement and garrisoned streets often mark in Pakistan the presence of churches and Christian schools.

The criminal violence is accompanied by the petty and fearful ambivalence of almost all the political and governmental forces of Islamabad. An entire community is hostage to this violence. The cement that should protect it seems to be the metaphor for a forced separation from a country that is going down the wrong path of sectarian hatred and self-destruction.

Prisoners for offenses they did not commit, like Asia Bibi, in prison since 2009 and condemned to death for blasphemy, who has become, against her will, the symbol of the sufferings of her community. Or like Younis Masih, in prison for seven years, also for the accusation of blasphemy."



Blogger James Higham said...

Condemned to death for blasphemy - imagine what would happen in the UK.

04 February, 2013 12:36  

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