Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some Thoughts On ITN's Reporting Of The Allegations Against Cardinal O'Brien

It was interesting to see that tonight's ITN's early evening broadcast placed allegations of historic misconduct against a provincial bishop who is one month away from retirement, allegations which do not thus far seem to involve any suggestion of criminality on his part and which also do not seem to suggest that any civil action is being contemplated against either him or his diocese, above the potentially ruinous scandal which is engulfing a party of government and which raises serious concerns regarding both the conduct and character of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Although the journalists who doorstepped Massgoers as they left St. Mary's Cathedral this morning seemed to be as ignorant of the fact that they were speaking to one of Scotland's richest men as their editors, this seemed to be a very unusual set of editorial priorities.

The canonical process which is now underway against Cardinal O'Brien seems to be some sort of glorified workplace grievance procedure for the clergy, with four active complainers and a fifth acting as shop steward. That is the impression I receive of what is actually going on. However, all allegations of this kind cause scandal, and leave a foul taste; and as very many things in life really boil down to timing, one can only speculate on just why they have come into the public domain at the very end of Cardinal O'Brien's active career and just before his involvement in a conclave, the highest and most severe duty that holders of his office ever have to discharge.

Although it's all very odd, I'm sure that everyone's acting in what they consider to be the best interests of the Church. 

Comment is welcome, but please note I won't be online for a few days so do not be surprised, never mind offended, if your comments don't appear immediately.

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Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Who knows the truth of these allegations after 30 years? However, the timing is very suspect and at the very least these priests have chosen a critical time before a conclave and months before retirement to 'announce' the allegations. I don't know their objectives, being thousands of miles away, but there appears to be some type of agenda to neutralize the Cardinal.

25 February, 2013 14:37  
Blogger Martin said...

Hi, Patrick, sory I haven't been able to respond for a few days.

As Asquith said, wait and see.

03 March, 2013 20:38  

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