Saturday, January 12, 2013

On Finding Out Who Your Friends Are

Although I am not in the least precious about that sort of comment - many people I know have thought that of me - the idea that someone has slung inevitably anonymous online abuse in my direction in the context of criticising other people for having slung anonymous online abuse in my direction illustrates to my absolute satisfaction that some supporters of the green entity are just as loopy as some supporters of the blue. Whoever that person is, they have done precisely what some of the other lot did while criticising those some of the other lot for having done so, without realising that even oddballs have stats trackers!

Those are the actions of a true oddball. Whoever that person is they should have a fitting for the white coat with long sleeves before the Thurberesque wife of whom they're probably terrified finds out that they're surfing the Internet on their own. If they ever thought she would find out, they'd probably beat down the doors of Bedlam itself to try to get away from her.

That person also found the fact of my having been wrongly named as the 'Rangers Tax Case' blogger 'hilarious'. I can assure them they might not have found it so funny if it had happened to them. That comment is a perfect example of just what is wrong with the whole culture of the Scottish football forum, a place in which you can quite literally be thrilled by the prospect of digitally rubbernecking at the sight of the life of a family you claim to know being turned upside down, and enjoy doing so at one o' clock in the morning. 

I have apparently disappointed some other posters on that thread. This gentleman seems to be bemoaning my failure to indulge in ethnic grievance-mongering, while this gentleman all but accuses me of suffering from 'Stockholm Syndrome' (and their recounting of the history of Scottish education in the 19th Century is completely, meretriciously false).

Having now been abused online by supporters of both the blue and green entities, I can at least claim some insight into the truth of one of our language's more worn cliches...the one that goes 'the first time  as tragedy, the second time as farce'...

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