Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Resignation Of George Entwistle

Having been irrevocably compromised by the McAlpine business, he had to go, of course; yet at least he had the good grace to do so quickly

I do hope that this episode is not used by the more thuggish Tory loonies as an excuse to kick the BBC merely for being the BBC, and try to undermine its independence merely because it is independent rather than on account of some management failings in one of its departments suffered in relation to the broadcast of a very difficult and sensitive story which so far has seen nobody either lose their life or go to jail. 

That is the sum and total of the McAlpine episode. A mistake was made, it was corrected quickly and the D-G went of his own accord. To my mind that shows that the BBC works just fine the way it is, but they won't leave it alone. It's in public ownership, you see, and they just can't stand that at all. That it can be in that state and still not be compelled to parrot their views is what the Tories hate about it. 

Amidst all discussion of the BBC at the moment, I detect the stench of a crisis that the right-wing thugs and loonies will not allow to go to waste. I hate to say this, but I think this time they might get their way.

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