Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Slow News Day In Scotland

You can tell that your contry is in terminal decline, going nowhere and doing nothing, with nothing of any actual importance and consequence happening in it and that it is just breezily coasting downhill into Gibbonian oblivion, when the main item on the news is the roll-out of an aneurysm screening programme.

I first heard of aortic aneurysms through the works of a Scottish doctor named Arthur Conan Doyle, as a result of which I will hopefully never need to be reminded of their existence again. When they are the head item on the news, there can't really be much else happening at all.



Blogger James Higham said...

Better a slow news day than a Culloden.

02 July, 2012 09:07  
Blogger Martin said...

Point taken, James.

02 July, 2012 22:25  

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