Monday, July 09, 2012

Show Me The Monkey!

I do not believe that human beings evolved. I believe that human beings were created by God. Throughout all the centuries for which it has been subjected to examination, the fossil record has produced absolutely no hard evidence to support the presumed theory of human evolution.

Show Me The Monkey!

That may be because none has yet been found. On the other hand, it might be because the evidence isn't there, because human beings didn't evolve. 

Show Me The Monkey!

That  I believe that human beings have been created by God does not make it impossible for me to believe that every other living thing on the face of the Earth might have evolved from something else - I just don't believe we have, and I will continue to hold that belief until hard evidence to the contrary is produced. 

Show Me The Monkey!

Believers in human evolution are so committed to that theory that they actually cannot countenance the existence of any other possibility. Last year, I was fascinated to see the goodly Professor Simon Schama produce precisely the same argument in his book 'Scribble, Scribble, Scribble' that H. G. Wells had used in his 'A Short History Of The World', written over 80 years earlier - that the evidence in support of evolution was such that its existence could not but be considered to be a fact by all reasonable people. That is not an argument based on science, but on faith; albeit faith in the findings of science. No hard evidence which conclusively proves that human evolution is a fact has ever been produced. Until it is, it is absolutely and completely reasonable for me to believe that human beings have been created by God and still remain on the right side of reason. 

Show Me The Monkey! Show Me The Monkey!




Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Evolution is one of the pillars of secular religion. It is also the key to progressive politics - human beings are still in the process of evolving to become an ever better species of animal. Once you accept this hypothesis, change becomes its own imperative as the elites using mass psychology techniques and educational disinformation brainwash the masses into believing that their unleashed animal instincts are good rather than evil. I believe in devolution rather than evolution - human beings are very capable of regressing to the primitive animal state when social restraints are loosened and atheism abounds........

15 July, 2012 15:40  

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