Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Best Man

My best man The Big Lad has had his ticket clipped by the professional beaks for 10 years; a sore one, I'm sure, given the circumstances as reported by Scotland on Sunday, a piece in respect of which he has already felt it necessary to write a letter to the editor (and the nature and tone of some of the comments on the thread beneath the online version both suggest that that newspaper's website might wish to tighten its moderation policies). If readers of Scotland on Sunday are dismayed by the divergence between what its report on his case says and the reporting issues that Big Paul has felt it necessary to highlight, they should take comfort from the knowledge that there will always be two items in that newspaper which will always be correct. The Big Lad and his family should know that whatever the reasons for their tribulations - and the gears which power the meting out of professional discipline to Scottish solicitors have historically ground very slow, in my view often perhaps unnecessarily prolonging the agony - they have always been in our thoughts and prayers, and I hope that the future brings that gentlest of giants and his people all of the happiness and good fortune which, in my mere opinion, they thoroughly deserve. (Coda 11/06/12 - I omitted to mention this last night, but in his communications with 'Scotland on Sunday' Big Paul has included a public apology to his former clients. From the experence of what is now a quarter of a century spent studying, commenting upon and sometimes even practicing the law of Scotland, I cannot recall any other case in which a disciplined Scottish solicitor has done this in a forum other than the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal. Although it may have been done in other cases, I cannot recall either having seen or heard of it being done; it may be without precedent, and witnesses more eloquently to the true quality of  The Big Lad's character than any words of mine ever could).



Blogger William said...

Your loyalty to your friend is commendable but I wonder if it has to come at the expense of dismissing the legitimate complaints of those wronged by your friend.

Forgiveness comes with repentance. McConville's response does not demonstrate any remorse or empathy with those who put their trust in him and were let down.

My late father was a miner and made such a claim though thankfully not with a bankrupt crook like Paul McConville. He seems to be a man without morals or any sense of personal responsibility.

The Citizens Advice Bureau need to be asked whether such an individual is a fit and proper person to work with vulnerable members of the public given his history of abuses of trust.

13 June, 2012 09:13  
Blogger Martin said...

William, I can assure you that my sympathy for my very old and very, very dear friend does not come at the expense of those former clients of his you rather swingeingly described as having been 'wronged' by him. He failed to perform to the standards that his profession requires and has paid the penalty, in the full glare of publicity. Those in positions of public trust, such as solicitors, must suffer the advertisement of their misdemeanours, sometimes rather unfairly in my view - after all, it's never big news when a potato merchant goes bust.

I disagree with your analysis of Paul's response; as I have said in my post, I believe it to be unique in the history of the Scottish solicitors' profession.

Your characterisation of him as a crook is not merely wrong but slanderous. You tell me what criminal charge he has been convicted of in any Scottish court, and I'll accept that characterisation. Until then, which incidentally is never going to come, if only because he has never committed any crime, it's wrong and slanderous.

And as for your final paragraph, if you feel that the issue should be taken up with CAB, have the good grace to display the courage of your convictions and take it up with them. Then see what sort of a response you'll get.

14 June, 2012 21:57  

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