Sunday, March 11, 2012

On Gay Marriage

Not planning to contract one myself, it was interesting to see that Lynne Featherstone has been reported as saying, jokingly, apparently, that opponents of gay marriage should not feel under pressure to enter them, or something smart like that.

The advent of civil partnerships secured the ability of gay couples to inherit each others' property. The failure of the law to recognise this basic human deceny was a weeping sore on our public life, and Thank God it's been removed.

However, the coming of gay marriage will at last enable what I suspect will be only a very hard core of zealots to insist that their spouses' parents refer to them as their sons- and daughter-s in law, and on being addressed as 'Unlce' or 'Aunty' by the children of their spouses' siblings. Contrary to popular belief, civil partnerships do not invest homosexual relationships with the quality of family life. Gay marriage would.

This is not a re-definition of marriage, but a complete re-definition of what a family is. The one consolation that its opponents can draw from this farrago is that it's going to fail. Oh, it will get on the statute books, for surem, but the take-up rate will probably be low. Her smart mouth betrays Lynne Featherstone as being full of pride, and that pride comes before a fall is one of the universe's constants.



Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Good post Martin...similar to situation here in the USA where opponents to gay marriage are likened to bigots or Nazis. Even if the people oppose, the judiciary will impose.... Good to see you posting....Patrick

12 March, 2012 03:27  

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