Friday, March 09, 2012

The Final Days

As a greater gentleman than me notes that 'liquidation is inevitable', and the fantasies of that event coming to pass become more ornate, even rococo - perhaps some puckish group of opposing supporters will begin to chant 'Your team's gone bankrupt, you've got to go home' - it's instructive to reflect on the lessons the rest of us with no interest in the doings of Rangers Football Club can draw from the events of the past few weeks.

The kid gloves with which it seems to have been treated by its administrators, the tax authorities and politicians seems to indicate that Rangers Football Club is indeed what its supporters have proclaimed it to be for many years - the most important institution in Scotland. Either that, or they recognise that we have finally descended into being a 'panem et circenses' economy and that the bankruptcy of just one top flight Scottish football club could cause the whole house of cards to come down. Football, the cause of so much aggravation and stupefaction in Scotland for so long, is now what we do; and it must be preserved at all costs, even when those costs include the loss to the public purse of tax revenues. Preserving football is more important than ensuring equality of treatment before the law, and ensuring that the public purse receives its due.

I hope they go down and that they take the whole structure down with them. The last day on which a football is kicked in Scotland is the day it will truly be free.

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