Sunday, October 09, 2011

Men Behaving Badly

One doesn't really wish to kick a loyal son of South Lanarkshire when he's down, even a self-proclaimed Thatcherite one who might not hesitate doing the same thing to you were the boot ever to be on the other foot, but it's good to see that the 'Daily Telegraph' has picked up on what, for me, is the most disturbing aspect of the current unpleasantness surrounding Doctor Liam Fox.

That newspaper has picked up on the fact that Adam Werritty resided with Dr. Fox at the latter's flat in Southwark at a time when his mortgage costs were being picked up by the taxpayer. 'Resided' seems to be the best verb to use in this context, for Mr. Werritty cannot be described as having been a lodger, if only because the flat's then owner has indicated that he didn't pay rent.

Although one is fully aware that previous regimes for the claiming of parliamentary expenses were notoriously lax, by the same token it is staggering that it didn't occur to a person of opinions so emphatically right-wing as Dr. Fox's seem to be that he might have some moral obligation to minimise the loss that his arrangement with Mr. Werritty occasioned to the public purse. A loss was certainly occasioned, for Mr. Werritty received shelter at no cost to himself, his housing costs being borne by the taxpayer instead. Dr. Fox could have minimised this loss to the taxpayer by charging Mr. Werritty rent. He didn't do so. To my mind, this illustrates an inability to understand his own ideology so profound that it casts a very grey shadow over his judgment.

It all seems very redolent of the kind of relationship portrayed in the sitcom 'Men Behaving Badly'.



Blogger Richard T said...

Some Tory apologists are wriitng about a witch hunt and nothing to hound the good doctor about. In contrast to this tolerance, you might also recall the strength of the condemnations of Dr Ian Gilbert who accommodated a member of his family in his tax payer funded flat. Indeed Dr Gilbert resigned from Parliament and his party lost the consequent by-election.

10 October, 2011 15:22  
Blogger Paul McConville said...

Martin, Good to see that your hiatus from blogging did not last too long!

Hope you are all well - things looking more rosy for me, I think (fingers crossed and Rosaries being said).

I'm catching up with you as regards the ersatz and soi-disant Scottish "Govt" and its inanities.

It provoked me into my first "fisking" which was of a nonsensical Joan McAlpine piece -

The fact it was in the Scotsman (boo hiss) made it even more pleasant to write!

Anyway, awa' for noo!

Will keep in touch,

Best wishes,


11 October, 2011 00:17  
Blogger Martin said...


To paraphrase Billy Connolly, I have rarely encountered a situation where a fisker is so well qualified to fisk the piece they are fisking.

You will see from the previous entries that I am losing Internet access soon. There's a lot going on right now, and I'll give you a phone soon. As ever, Big Lad, you and the family are in my prayers.

For the record, I met Joan McAlpine at a seminar given by Mick Fealty last year. Although I disagree with her politics, I thought she was a very charming lady.

13 October, 2011 00:45  

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