Sunday, October 23, 2011

'Let The Children Live'

It's not been the best of weeks.

Essential building works being conducted in the house, which should have ended on Wednesday, are still apparently ongoing. It has been largely uninhabitable, rendering the effort to inhabit it unpleasant for everyone concerned. Indeed, at times it's felt that if a movie were to be made of our home life over the past week, of a mother, father and small son living in a cold property full of furniture swathed in dust sheets, it'd be called 'The Shining'.

This has meant that none of us have really been able to do the things we like doing in the comfort of our own home. It's taught us a lot of lessons about ourselves. Hopefully we can take them to heart. In my case, I had planned to blog a little more than usual, if only because Internet service is being switched off tomorrow. This means that any new posts that appear on the blog from now on will be written from other locations, and will appear at best infrequently. Please don't email me, because I won't be able to answer you.

Yet at 12.00 Mass today, God, in His sublime way, gave me a kick up the backside to remind me that no matter how unpleasant the past week has been, there is always some more unfortunate than myself.

We had a guest celebrant today, Father Peter Walters of the charity, 'Let The Children Live'. Father Walters, a convert from Anglicanism whose attitude to the aid establishment seems to be what I can only describe as benign exasperation, has devoted his life to caring for the street children of Colombia. He pulls no punches, particularly to a congregation in the country with the highest rate of cocaine consumption in Europe.

He is a passionate speaker, which makes him a compelling one. He certainly made a good case for supporting his charity to me.

Please support him and his charges


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