Saturday, August 13, 2011

Terrible Problems Cutting And Pasting Into Blogger On IE8 And IE9

This is very frustrating, as it significantly diminishes both the utility of the package and the pleasure one derives from using it.
I also find that I now can't paste a post's URL on to the 'Link' bar, and that to publish a post I have to save it, go into 'Edit Posts', select the item and post from there. The 'Publish Post' button is about as useful as a padlock in Clapham Junction.
Sory to seem a bit pissed off about this, but I've just come within a hair's breadth of losing a 1,600 word post it's taken me two hours to write.
Any suggestions?



Blogger berenike said...

Download and install Firefox. (Or Opera, but there isn't the range of useful plugins for Opera, and some features on a few webpages aren't designed for it).

13 August, 2011 08:24  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Berenike. Will take under advisement.

13 August, 2011 12:22  

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