Tuesday, August 09, 2011

On The Images Of Our Rioting Class Currently Being Beamed Around The World

I wonder how this is playing on Libyan state TV - if it's still on air, of course. Don't forget, we're involved in that nation's affairs in order to bring about peace and prosperity. Or was it prosperity and peace? I can't remember.
The rioters whose images I've seen on TV all look as if they hail from that demographic which suffers altitude sickness if required to rise from bed before lunchtime. One can almost hear their doxies, every one a poissonarde de nos jours, all built like onions with tattooed cocktail sticks shoved into the base, their fleshy, pendulous breasts hanging in the air, horribly, like the 'Hindenburg' in flames, screaming encouragement from the sidelines. If the cops play their cards right, their examination of CCTV footage might just lead to the slashing of Disability Living Allowance claims in the worst hit areas. Who knows, that might even cover the cost of reconstruction. Not that that will do a damn thing for the price of insurance, which will soar once this is over, and that isn't even taking into account businesses that might have been torched by the owners. After all, who needs cashflow problems when you've got a riot taking place on your doorstep?
Sarajevo had an Olympics as well, and they didn't even have riots beforehand.
It would be deeply depressing if the coalition government were to use these events to crack down on us further. Police services that constantly feel the need for more powers should be given the civic equivalent of a random drugs test.
The alleged use of Twitter and other social media to fuel these events show that they have the potential to be antisocial in equal measure to their potential to be social.
Conservative government elected in 1970, industrial unrest in 1972 and 1974. Conservative government elected in 1979, riots in 1981. Conservative Prime Minister elected (sort of) in 2010, riots in 2011. The lead time seems to be going down. Without wishing to seem partisan, there seems to be something about Conservative governments that make people want to go out and smash things. Could this possibly be because they have all been insanely right-wing and have governed without regard for the sensibilities and needs of the majority of the population? Perish the thought.
Where are HM The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales when you need them? Why isn't the heir to the throne out on the streets appealing to his future subjects for order and calm? They are national figureheads, or so we're told, so surely at times like this they should be helping to bring the nation together. If they're not national figureheads to be seen and flocked round at times like this, why do we pay for them?
This is our Katrina, folks, Expect the right-wing backlash to be long and deep. After the phone-hacking scandal and the de facto burying of Rupert Murdoch's political influence, those of our ultras at the top table will have been gagging for the chance to stick the boot in and restore what they consider to be 'discipline'. This is what the right does, everywhere, every time. After the defeat of Napoleon, the crackdown on civil liberties that occurred in the UK then took decades to unravel. It was only after that event, when the ideological competition had been crushed, that breaking your loom was made a capital crime. In Russia in 1905, the throne and altar brigade did not fail to immediately organise itself after the proclamation of the first Duma, creating the civic equivalent of a coronary blockage. After the collapse of Soviet Communism in 1989, our own right exposed what their own motivations had been all along. They were only interested in us for as long as there were Communists to oppose - once they were gone the lipservice to social democracy went out straight after them, a state of affairs which has led to our current and, as the scenes in London and elsewhere have shown, apparently insupportable gap between rich and poor. In that regard, the rioters have shown themselves to be true Thatcherites; they are not rioting for the right to vote, nor the right to wear their socks on their foreheads, but for stuff. They are doing it for the plasma TV and the smartphone. They have taken consumerism all the way round the clock and have reverted to pillage, the form of capitalism with the least expensive lawyers.
We British are so bloody hung up on property and owning stuff, concepts which did not exist at all in the early Church. Why can't we be like those saints, and live together in peace and harmony? When all is said and done, why can't we all get along?



Blogger Laban said...

I don't think this government is insanely right wing. Insane, yes. Right-wing, no.

10 August, 2011 01:45  
Blogger Martin said...


Dave's been banging on about plastic bullets and water cannon.

I rest my case.

10 August, 2011 22:32  
Blogger William said...

'You shall not steal' and 'You shall not covet anything of your neighbour's'

God seems quite keen on property rights even if you're not, Martin.

11 August, 2011 09:44  
Blogger Martin said...

Cor, aren't you clever.

Given that this country was stolen by people who coveted what was their neighbours' property, and who, once they'd got it, had the cheek to put up signs around it saying 'Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted', I don't think we're in any position to try to determine what God's idea on this matter might be.

He may even have a view on that most English of inventions, the man-trap.

11 August, 2011 21:16  

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