Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greek Tragedy

Whether the Greek government stands or falls is of no interest to me personally, although one would hope that the situation can be resolved peacefully.

At the risk of being branded xenophobic (a good Greek word), I can't help but think that Greece has been a military dictatorship within very recent living memory, as also has Spain. If some Eurozone nations fail to bail out others, it's not difficult to imagine a scenario where either the mob or the generals might decide to take matters into their own hands. Hopefully both nations' militaries have been thoroughly indoctrinated against such nonsense, and that they and the peoples they serve are so revolted by the memory of dictatorship that they would shun it even if affairs were in chaos.

But if it were to happen, and I hope that it does not, God forbid, it would be interesting to know just what the European Union and/or NATO would do about it or would be able to do about it. Would an invasion of either Greece or Spain be attempted in order to restore democracy? After all, if the Afghans and the Iraqis are worthy of such efforts, why wouldn't the Greeks and the Spanish be worthy of them as well?

For even a casual student of universal history, it has been wonderful to see the events of the past few months unfold. While Scotland, the birthplace of the Enlightenment, lapses into pre-Enlightenment authoritarianism and personality cults, the Mediterranean is feeling the birthpangs of democracy all over again. As Napoleon might have put it, the revolution is complete.

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