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A Few Things To Remember About The Recent Scottish Parliamentary Elections

The Scottish Government was not re-elected. No such entity as the 'Scottish Government' exists under the law of Scotland, only a Scottish Parliament and a Scottish Executive.

No matter what your nearest self-satisfied SNP activist might say to you, with Salmondonian smirk slashed across their jowls, the use of the term 'Scottish Government' in the context of contemporary Scottish politics is a gross abuse of both law and language. While Talleyrand's observation that treason is a matter of dates might be correct, according to the dates the current position in Scottish law is quite clear; and anyone, whether politician, teacher or journalist, who uses what is plainly an incorrect, and therefore illegal, form of words should be asked why they persist in so doing.

The Scottish National Party was not re-elected as the party of any soi-disant, ersatz 'Scottish Government'. Although it now has enough seats to form a majority Scottish Executive, the SNP formed a minority Scottish Executive between 2007 to 2011. It did not win the elections of 2007, but formed an administration by default.

Alex Salmond was not re-elected First Minister, as Scotland does not have a presidential system.

The SNP did not win the 2011 election. As far as I could see, its campaign was muted to the point of silence. Labour lost this election through its own incompetence, having elected to re-run the 2010 UK General Election campaign. This was an incredibly stupid thing to do, as it seemed to ignore the SNP, the party that had been administering Scotland for the previous four years. Labour's performance was so bad by any standard that it can only be assumed that the SNP registered the Mither Of All Protest Votes.

If the SNP did not campaign on the issue of holding a referendum on independence, they should not be speaking of one now. But then again, the SNP's adoption of the term 'Scottish Government' in 2007 showed that it is an entity that is willing to abuse both law and language for its own purposes, and that it should never be trusted, so we should not be in the least surprised if it acts in an untrustworthy manner. Coming from these people, the phrase 'referendum on independence' deserves to be treated with all the gravity of a vocal tic, like 'Boo-Wah!', or 'Bums!' The thought of actually governing an independent Scotland probably makes them crap themselves three ways to Sunday. They should know as well as we do that the past four years have shown that the world can be a harsh, unforgiving place for small European nations, and that if you've half a brain in your head you'll know that you're better off as part of a larger one. To think otherwise is, in my view, frankly insane. As it is, The Tartanissimo has the best of all possible worlds. He gets to hold power and always gets be able to claim that if things go wrong it's always someone else's fault. His apparent wish to denude himself of this golden fallback casts grave doubt upon his judgment, and therefore upon his ability to govern, and therefore upon his suitability to govern.

The newly elected SNP majority Scottish Executive can be expected not only to continue its minority predecessor's assault on the civil liberties of Scots, but also to be more insolent and daring in so doing. Keep an eye out for attacks on bloggers' rights. These people can't handle anyone not getting with the program, and daring to say so. These are the type of people who'd try to have your kids taken away from you for disagreeing with them. In particular, I would imagine that an assisted suicide bill will form part of its legislative program for either its second or third years in office. The reason for this will be the desire of many SNP activists to avoid the possibility of seeing Jim Sillars, a former SNP MP, being indicted under current law should he ever help his wife Margo MacDonald end her own life. MacDonald was pretty much left to swing on her own on this one during the last parliament, but an SNP majority means that her pet issue, if not herself, can now be taken into the fold many of them always wanted it to be in.

Lastly, if a referendum on independence is to be held, the SNP will lose it hands down, and will go the way of the Lib Dems. It has no raison d' etre other than to tout independence. Ironically, some of the biggest votes against independence would come from those EU immigrant voters that the SNP has courted assiduously. When they realise that an independent Scotland would be aiming for a slice of the EU handouts their homelands receive, they'll vote 'No' without a second thought.

But at least we'll have another four years of being able to mock The Tartanissimo. That alone makes an SNP victory a good and worthwhile thing.

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Blogger Julie said...

If it's any comfort Martin, John Mason, Michael Matheson, Rosanna Cunningham have been re-elected and are pro life and SNP. Michael McMahon from Labour also got back in and his daughter Siobhan. My prediction is that it will be defeated again and I think you're slightly misjudging the internal politics of the SNP. Margo McDonald is not as popular as you think. That's how she ended up as an independent. The demographic may matter, but with Jeremy Purvis gone things will not be as easy as you predict. Take heart.

17 May, 2011 00:02  

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