Sunday, April 17, 2011

Locutus Of Bog

"Bald man says 'Make it so' to bearded man named 'Number One'.

Bald man gets knighthood. No word on whether either horse or squire thrown in" -

The blogger, 1st January 2010.

While Sir Patrick Stewart might always be watchable - well, almost always, if you include that execrable dross 'Dad Savage', and his recent 'Macbeth', in the television version of which he looked to me as if he was playing Patrick Stewart playing Macbeth - it doesn't always mean that his personal pronouncements should be treated with the same respect that should be accorded to his professional achievements.

Let's face it, in my opinion a not inconsiderable case can be made that he got famous by playing a robot's straight man. He is entitled to his views, for sure, and to express them publicly if he so wishes, but that he might enjoy a level of media access unimaginable to hoi polloi doesn't really mean that he might be saying anything worth listening to.

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Blogger David Lindsay said...

He was too old for Macbeth. I'd love to see his King Lear.

18 April, 2011 11:07  

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