Monday, February 07, 2011

The Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Bill

It is disappointing to see that the Scottish Parliament allowed the Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Bill to pass its first stage without giving it a full Solonic irrigation.
The title of the bill is, of course, very misleading. It should instead be titled The Abolition of Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Bill, for that is its purpose; but one cannot let such a simple thing as clear language stand in the way of the Scottish Parliament's wishes.
It now passes to the Justice Committee for scrutiny, under the leadership of Bill Aitken. One would not wish to seem uncharitable, and this may perhaps be unfair, perhaps the fault of how he is represented and not what he represents, but for all the years I have heard and read what he has to say, Mr. Aitken has always seemed to be what Ronnie Corbett might be like if he had been imagined by James Herbert, or Stephen King.
We await his committee's deliberations with great interest.

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Blogger Lallands Peat Worrier said...


In point of fact, Baillie Bill's Committee have already deliberated on the matter, at least in a preliminary fashion. It was in response to their Stage 1 report on the Bill's general principles that the parliament voted last week. I've blogged a wee bit about some of the evidence they received before. However, the whole document can be read here.

07 February, 2011 23:30  
Blogger Martin said...

Och, LPW, you don't actually expect me to read it - do you?

Oh, well. Will have a plough and report back.

08 February, 2011 23:24  

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