Friday, February 25, 2011

Anomalies, I

Richard Dawkins is the former Professor for Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford.

Johnny Ball used to make TV science shows for children.

While he held his professorship, Richard Dawkins seemed to use a portion of his energy to advance his views on religion.

If you ask me, it would seem that, unless he holds that status already, Mr. Ball should become a Fellow of the Royal Society, in recognition of his outstanding, and lifelong, services to the public understanding of science.



Blogger Paulinus said...

True. It's not going to happen though. Dawkins enjoys the secular version of Benefit of Clergy. Johnny Ball is just a poor guy who told the emperor he was a little deficient in the drapery department.

26 February, 2011 11:26  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Paulinus.

26 February, 2011 14:54  
Blogger David Lindsay said...

This is the same Richard Dawkins who, in The God Delusion, describes having been sexually abused as a child as "an embarrassing but otherwise harmless experience".

He has followers rationally more consistent than he, who define science itself as a meme. See my friend Conor Cunningham's Darwin's Pious Idea for that and a huge number of other important facts and insights.

28 February, 2011 00:40  

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