Friday, December 10, 2010


If what Wikileaks has published is correct, and The Tartanissimo indicated to American diplomats that he would make the decision to release Megrahi, then not only has everything that both he and The Copfighter General have said about the matter been a lie, it also provides the final proof of what I have supposed for many years - that the Scottish National Party is nothing but a vehicle for the personality cult of Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond, like so many of his countrymen the possessor of a big mouth, and without very much in the tank to back it up.



Blogger Richard T said...

I must admit that I've always called him the Kingfish, partly after Huey Long the Louisiana demagogue but mainly for the same reasons as you call him tartanissimo. There's a smack of an honest Charlie Haughey about him too as well.

10 December, 2010 09:23  
Blogger Martin said...


Compared to The Kingfish, The Tartanissimo is the merest plankton percolating its way through a whale's dentures. In my opinion, his party is a personality cult centered on him, the type of Scotsman that has always been indulged and who has never heard the magic word 'No'.

10 December, 2010 22:50  
Blogger Richard T said...

Martin awa wi ye and stop mincing your words.

11 December, 2010 09:59  
Blogger Paulinus said...

If this is true, Il Tartanissimo is a dead man walking.

12 December, 2010 01:13  
Blogger Martin said...


Quite true, metaphorically speaking.

12 December, 2010 22:19  

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