Monday, December 13, 2010

Cardinal O'Brien On Sudan

After his participation in a quest for a 'legally-binding international climate change agreement', reported on December 2nd, it has been gratifying to read of His Eminence Keith Patrick Cardinal O' Brien's concerns about violence in The Sudan, reported on December 3rd.
Oddly enough, if you type 'Cardinal O'Brien' in to Google alongside the words 'Light Of The World', the title of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI's book length interview with Peter Seewald during which he threw the whole question of Catholic teaching on the use of condoms into disarray, or perhaps not, depending on what day of the week it was, but certainly producing confusion and heartbreak in spades, you don't really get much.
Nor do you get much by Googling "cardinal o'brien""condoms". The evidence therefore seems to suggest that Cardinal O'Brien is quite satisfied with the explanations that the Vatican has provided, which have been that the Pope was merely clarifying a long standing, if extremely obscure and difficult, point of Catholic theological teaching, and feels that he has nothing to add on the subject. His position as Scotland's most senior Catholic clergyman notwithstanding, he may feel that in this instance he really does have nothing more to say to the Catholics of Scotland on the matter.
From now on I shall, of course, be blogging every instance I can find of Cardinal O' Brien making an announcement on any initiative, or expressing an opinion on any matter of policy, that does not relate to what I for one now find to be the Catholic Church's confused and confusing teaching on contraception. That which was previously simple to understand but difficult to practice has become both difficult to understand and difficult to practice. This fits no definition of justice I have ever encountered. Justice for the suffering in southern Sudan is very important, but so is clarity for those who may be suffering in Scotland.



Blogger berenike said...

hear hear!

13 December, 2010 23:57  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Berenike.

14 December, 2010 22:49  

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