Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Cuts I Would Propose

There is absolutely no need for some former Ministers to receive pensions from the public purse.
We were always told that Michael Heseltine was a gazillionaire. If he is, then he has no need of our support, and his pension should be stopped.
Ditto Michael Forsyth, who resurfaced in the City very shortly after being booted out of Parliament. He's young enough and fit enough to make his own living, so he doesn't need our support.
Ditto John Wakeham, who was involved in the management of, er, Enron. Obviously a capable man, and one not in need of support.
Ditto Margaret Thatcher. She seems to have a very wealthy son who could support her isntead of us supporting her; and of course there's no such thing as society, so we shouldn't expect society's benefits.
Ditto Tony Blair, who seems to have become very wealthy very quickly very shortly after leaving Parliament. He's a very capable man, and one not in need of our support.
None of these people need public pensions - so why are they receiving them, or eligible to receive them?



Blogger gurnygob said...

Well said Martin. I think we should go a step further and force them to pay back all the money they swindled from people for doing nothing but messing up the system which now sees the poor even more improvised that ever before. I think Tony Donated the money from his new book to some charity or other. I guess he got embarrassed at how rich he had become while so many have become poorer under his leadership.

I have a new post up at

28 October, 2010 20:31  
Blogger Richard Brennan said...

Excellent idea - and I'm surprised it hasn't been suggested before

29 October, 2010 15:34  

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