Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Theologian's Highest Thoughts

I am indebted to the 'Irish Post' for carrying a report of a debate on clerical celibacy which was recently held in London.
During the course of the debate, Professor Tina Beattie of the theology department of the University of Roehampton, remarked that, "The emphasis we have heard on Jesus Christ being essentially male and celibate says to me that the defining characteristic of God incarnate is the fact that he had a penis that he didn’t use".
Oh! Oh ! Poo! Bums! Willies!
The Catholic Times has described the remark as 'crude and offensive', an assessment with which one can only concur. That newspaper also records that it drew a cry of 'shame' from a female religious who was present. While I would also add that it is ignorant and juvenile, the comment shows what, in my opinion, is the essential dirty mindedness of those who feel compelled to bring sex into every aspect of Catholic doctrine and teaching. Idiotic and stupid, Professor Beattie's remark is of the kind one would have expected to see on the late night debates that used to be broadcast on Channel 4; the ones it stopped showing long before it started showing 'Big Brother'.
If nothing else, Professor Beattie has shown, in my opinion, that she can't even take the piss properly.

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Blogger Paulinus said...

Very Lower Sixth. Beattie, see me in my office after second break.

29 September, 2010 18:54  
Blogger Chris H said...

Does her childish contribution perhaps mask a lack of theology to back up her personal views?

What a juvenile remark to make. Professors ain't what they used to be.

30 September, 2010 08:31  

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