Monday, July 12, 2010

The Use Of Tasers On Raoul Moat

"There will, no doubt, be the usual round of public breastbeating in 'The Guardian', followed by the usual round of sterile, baboon-like chestbeating both by the police and our politicians" -
The blogger, two days ago.
"The hunt for Raoul Moat utterly dominated the national news for a week. In spite of Moat's death on Saturday morning, it is not done yet. Moat's body had scarcely been removed from the Northumbrian river bank where he took his own life before the questions began. Why had the police hunt taken so long? Why did the Tasers not do their job? How was the danger from Moat not acted upon sooner? The questions are fair" -
'The Guardian', this morning.
The question of whether the Tasers did 'their job' is an interesting one - as is the question of whether these contraptions can, or should, be used in the pouring rain on any suspect, let alone one who's lying on a riverbank and who's been hiding out in a storm drain.



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