Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I agree with Ian Clark's views on libraries; and it is gratifying to see that thus far, no public choice moron has labelled him a 'rent seeker'.
However, having libraries is one thing, while their accessibility is quite another. Earlier this year, my local library was refurbished. It has gone from being a place of clear, straight lines with rows of books piled against the walls to one with lower shelving and funky curved bookcases. The overall impression is that there are fewer books on display than there were before, and using it is now a far less enjoyable experience.
Neither libraries nor schools should be considered 'community hubs' in the same way that a fishtank is not a rabbit hutch; the idea that they are is of the same calibre as much else behind social policy for the past 40 years - we wouldn't need 'community hubs' if we didn't have so many broken homes. A library is a library is a library, preferably a place for learning; and not a vehicle for ensuring that you don't underspend your construction budget.



Blogger Foxy Brown said...

In many areas of London, municipal libraries come equipped with coffee-shops. The imbibing of knowledge through the written page does not appear to be the point of these shiny new buildings of steel and glass - books are almost superflous. extra. A very sad state of affairs.

14 July, 2010 19:09  

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