Monday, May 24, 2010


With my trusty copy of Private Eye No. 1257 at the ready, I sally forth once again to comment on the journalism, I suppose you could call it, of Ariane Sherine, the animating genius behind last year's 'Atheist Bus' campaign.
The highly vapid Ms. Sherine has written a column for 'Comment is Free' - I mean, where else? - on why she doesn't like eating vegetables. Vegophobia is the kind of luxury one can enjoy when one only has oneself to care for. Given that her choice of outlet constantly berates its readership over the plight of the world's starving, it seems odd for it to publish such an odd column which celebrates the wasting of food. A period of time spent feeding someone else usually sorts out the women from the girls when it comes to deciding what's worth putting into you; while feeding someone else through the nose really makes the scales fall from your eyes.

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Blogger Foxy Brown said...

Many of the repertory dishes within the world's greatest cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, and to a lesser extent, Italian, are vegetable-based. For much of human history meat has been a luxury item and so was accordingly used very sparingly.

I find Sherine's "journalistic" pieces quite embarrassing.

24 May, 2010 11:32  
Blogger Martin said...

It takes all sorts, Foxy.

24 May, 2010 21:03  

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