Friday, May 21, 2010

Things Fall Apart, The Centre Cannot Hold

The news that the Con-Dem-Nation (copyright Laban Tall) are considering minimum alcohol pricing and the part-privatisation of the Royal Mail - man, how all Tories, blue or orange, really hate, really feel physically sick, at the idea of the British people owning anything in common! - isn't really surprising. After all, a Tory's a Tory regardless of whether their rosettes is blue or orange.
Yet it might still come undone from within. Cameron has ended the weekly meetings of Blue Tory backbenchers. The psychos and nutters on those backbenches who'd really like nothing more than for rich people to have the right to enslave and sterilise the poor, killing them without penalty and pillaging their property without compensation while taking their wives into concubinage, might not be too chuffed. They have waited years for power. And now they might just want to exercise it.

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Blogger Laban said...

Alas, I pinched the Con-Dem-Nation from a lefty blog whose name escapes me.

02 September, 2010 21:35  

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