Sunday, May 02, 2010

Nick Clegg

Seems like a nice enough bloke, and all that- but the report in the most recent edition of 'Private Eye' that he interned at 'The Nation' in New York deepens my suspicion that the guy's an ultra-ambitious careerist. His CV could have come from a manual for the production of international elitists. And apart from our common humanity, he thinks he has something in common with me?



Blogger Foxy Brown said...

A glib internationalist, who has no qualms about the further fragmentation of the nation that would result from his proposed amnesty for migrants.

David Tennant's comment in the Doctor Who magazine (I presume that as a Who enthusiast, you're a subscriber) about the dangers of the electorate voting for 'someone', i.e Cameron, 'who looks good in a suit', is even more applicable to Clegg.

Welcome to the political future. Next step will be David Milliband becoming Labour Party leader.

03 May, 2010 15:13  

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