Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Do Not Vote For The Scottish National Party

That the Scottish National Party is a quasi-fascist gang of middle-class thugs determined to remake Scotland and the Scots in their own hellish image has, to my mind, been beyond dispute since its obese, publicly unpleasant, aggressive, animalistic wee toytown fuhrer declared his minority Scottish Executive to be 'The Scottish Government', presumably with himself as bonnet laird o' the midden. That a scandal would break revealing it to be incapable of being trusted with democracy, and thus themselves to be enemies of democracy, was inevitable.
Hopefully this scandal surrounding the security of postal votes perhaps having been compromised, the secrecy of the ballot being ignored and the results ending up in the hands of a Scottish nationalist, will break the Scottish National Party and the whole philosophy of Scottish civic nationalism into a thousand bleeding pieces; I mean, really break it, until all the teachers, lawyers and journalists who think that they know what's best for us, the bastards, are screaming for the pain that seeing all their fantasies being shattered is causing them to stop. It doesn't need to be opposed, it needs to be broken, mangled and smashed into a state of disrepair from which it will never recover. Hopefully some Scottish Nationalist is sent, stepping gaily as they go, into custody for this. By and of itself, this would be good and wholesome thing. It would teach these people that they are not a government. They are not fit to govern any honest Scottish man or woman. They are semi-literate middle-class oafs with bad attitudes and worse haircuts.
Do not vote for the Scottish National Party. They might not be Labour, but they're still not your friend. They are interested only in their own aggrandisement and, very possibly, enrichment by holding power over you. Their philosophy is a cancer eating away at the bowels of the Scottish body politic. It may be a civic nationalism, whatever the hell that might be, but it is still a nationalism, the most dangerous and divisive of all ideologies. They are a collection of nonentities who would not look out of place at all in some kind of fascistic 'shirt movement'. The whole system of postal voting needs to be thoroughly overhauled. There is no reason why people who can walk to a voting station should be able to cast postal votes. If they're too lazy to get off their fat arses and walk, they don't deserve to have the vote. And the Scottish nationalist strategists must be kicking themself that such a scandal, one that strikes right to the heart of how democrats should behave in a democracy, has been afflicted upon them. But then again, if you lie down with dogs, expect to catch fleas. Exeunt omnes to the strains of Salmond's Diageo in F and B...

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Blogger Seraphic Spouse said...

Oh no! SNP Tactical Voting! I found them so useful. Alas! It seems terrible that a Scots blogger is in so much trouble.

04 May, 2010 09:04  

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