Monday, April 26, 2010


Having been engaged in other, vastly more important business for the past week, of the type which is going to take up my time for the forseeable future, it has been dispiriting to see, on the one occasion I have been able to go on the Internet, that a scandal rooted in liberal bigotry, and liberal ignorance of and contempt for the Catholic Church, its teachings and the sensibilities of its followers, seems to have marred the preparations for Pope Benedict XVI's state visit to the UK.
The person responsible seems to have been the inevitable expensively educated twentysomething Oxford graduate, just another well-heeled but ultimately dull and cheaptack little emperor put in a position of unjustified authority over the British people on the basis of his ability to pass just what now be dumbed-down exams. He has been moved to other duties. It is not known whether he has been moved to Network Rail to provide holiday cover for the guy who cleans the gents' toilets at Waterloo Station, or to the Department of Work and Pensions in a frontline role at Castlemilk Job Centre. That would really teach him the meaning of public service. Whatever idea of a career he might have had as a diplomat is now over. That might not be a bad thing for the health of the British body politic. I look forward to him surfacing as a parliamentary candidate for either the Greens or the Liberal Democrats within the next 10 years. You can put the stopwatch on for that one.
It will almost certainly be true that he will design himself as being an atheist. The vacant, bovine stupidity of many highly credentialled young British people leads them to be certain that they don't believe in God, when their actual level of knowledge of Christ and Christianity is very highly questionable. Maybe they'll catch up when the Gospels become available on Blu-Ray. Maybe the best way of getting them to learn about it would be for some amenable rock stars to be paid enough money to set them to their 'music' and release them on the Internet, in the sure and certain knowledge that they will be illegally downloaded.
Liberal anti-Catholic bigots are strictly small-time. We're coming up to the start of that grotesque annual festa called 'The Marching Season', that 19th Century end-of-the-pier show which has persisted well past its sell-by date and which reminds every reasonable person of the wisdom of Johan Huizinga's comments on parades and the type of cultures where they're popular. Yes, folks, the sights and sounds of a Glasgow summer are coming back, and we're currently in warm-up mode. I have no interest in the heraldry of loyalist paramilitaries; however, on the evenings of Friday 23rd April and Saturday 24th April 2010, what I believe may be the ensign of the Ulster Volunteer Force, a Red Hand of Ulster with a Union Flag in the top left hand corner, could be seen hanging from a public lamp-post at the corner of Dalmarnock Road and Dunn Street. The person who hung that on public property is a real bigot, but an honest bigot. They've even got a flag to celebrate their bigotry.
What do the pope-a-dope deadheads of the FO, or even Tricky Dicky Dawky and The Empty Vessel That Makes Most Noise, have?
My family and I would be very grateful for readers' prayers.

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Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

You are in my prayers, anyway. I hope that all is well; please mention me in yours, as I have a lot on my mind.

26 April, 2010 08:35  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Martin. I will.

27 April, 2010 08:01  
Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Martin.....long time no post but I still read regularly. Hope you are feeling better and you are also in my prayers. BTW, although I have come across atheistic professionals here in the USA, I am struck how blithely it is admitted (and admired)by similar folks in the UK. I heard on the radio in one of my travels that 78% of the US population says it is Christian - I wish a similar percentage acted that way. So while it may still be unfashionable to announce your atheism in the USA - the pols use the bible as a standard prop, my European friends and colleagues are quite open about their unbelief. Therefore, a discussion on the morality of abortion goes nowhere and this abomination is considered to be okay (and a right!) without further discussion. Unbelief breeds a culture of relativism about everything so in the end there is no right or wrong but does it feel good or not. This is our culture in a nutshell........Christian in name but atheistic in practice. Best regards and God bless, Patrick

30 April, 2010 22:36  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Patrick

01 May, 2010 07:37  

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