Friday, January 22, 2010

The Naked Rambler - The Movie

This discussion of the voluntary imprisonment currently being undergone by the tediously demented Stephen Gough, not so much a refusenik as a refuseknicks, leads to idle fantasy - such as what a movie of his life story would be like.
It wouldn't be up to much, for the great prison movies, such as 'Papillon', 'Midnight Express' and 'Cool Hand Luke', are about people who are in prison and trying to get out; Gough's movie, on the other hand, would have to be about someone on the outside trying to get in.


Blogger SausageRiot said...

The Naked rambler Movie has come to fruition, just as you predicted. Entitled The Naked Soul.

26 May, 2013 15:24  
Blogger Martin said...

A projected work for which the classic finale of the hero walking into the distance with the love of his life would be not only apt but welcome.

26 May, 2013 20:39  

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