Friday, December 04, 2009

Scotland's Political Class - Stamping On The People, Guid Scots Together

Sadly, it comes as no surprise that The Copfighter-General should be reported as intending to abolish double jeopardy regardless of the Scottish Law Commission's recommendation that no significant change be made to the law, after its publication has led our tax-tit-sucking-Solons to engage in a bout of communal carpet-chewing.
According to the 'The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland',
"Conservative and Labour spokesmen both said the report was weak in not permitting past cases to be reopened".
It would appear that both of these gangs - for political parties should only ever be considered to be gangs - want the law to endorse the persecution of the citizen, and for those whose little fingers have forgotten more about the law of Scotland than their own fat, sweaty, bald, ugly, old, mean-spirited carcasses will ever know to provide justification for their desire to pass laws which, regardless of their stated intentions, will serve no purpose other than to enable the police to persecute the public. These people do not need election; they need therapy.
Does their hatred of humanity stem from having had their lunch money stolen at school? Do they harbour uniform fantasies? Is it in fact their deepest wish that a Chief Constable pat them on the head and tell them they're a good boy or girl?
To be a polis's bitch?
Why should a report be weak when it doesn't give you what you want? Can't they stomach the fact that their country's legal system is independent of government control? Do they want judges, or ghillies?
As for victims' relatives - it's time the gloves came off.
In a society in which you can get anything you want just about anytime you want, even a bride if you are so inclined, it seems to be very hard for some people to understand that criminal justice is a collective endeavour. Those who say 'We haven't got justice' when an accused person is acquitted of a crime should be reminded that they have got justice; the collective justice of the courts and society. Instead of having been pandered to, what really should have been said to some of these people a very long time ago is that the justice they've received is the only justice they're ever going to get. They might be able to dominate their wives and homes like gods if they are so inclined - but outside those strict parameters, they are little men like any others, and their shreaks of outrage at not getting what they want might elicit some sympathy for a while; until their fellows recognise that what they want is just as dangerous as the people they wish to see locked up. These people do not speak for the public. They only ever speak for themselves.
There should be a name for this legal phenomenon. It should be called 'Swire's Disease'.
Collective justice is not personal justice - if you want personal justice, become a vigilante and wait to see what happens to you. The very same politicians who have courted you and fanned the flames of your grievances will come after you with all guns blazing.
Criminal justice is not a Thatcherite endeavour. It is naturally collective. It should not be personalised, no matter how vocal some aggrieved people think it should be. This is another of those occasions when being Scottish makes me feel dirty; the thought of just how cheap and coarse and insubstantial Scottish civilisation actually is, or has become, making me wish to vomit. A soi-disant, ersatz 'Scottish Government' of those who claim to love the Scottish nation will push through legislation which will result in some Scots being oppressed, and all Scots living in fear of oppression, for no reason other than their desire to look bigger and harder than those in the other gangs; behaviour of the kind engaged in by the worst kind of blogger or redtop newspaper columnist. At least newspaper columnists have the advantage of knowing how many inches they have to work with.
Our 'Justice Secretary' (actually, by law he's only Justice Minister, but don't mention that too loudly), you know, the one who got himself arrested at a football match a number of years ago, an adept inept so adept that he managed to make himself look like Koko the Klown during his career's most public display of principle, is the worst of the lot. He is a solicitor; he should know better. The Scottish legal profession's capacity to disappoint is limitless.
I'm going for a long lie down. If anyone thinks this essay is intemperate, they should have seen what was edited out. But I am angry about this. The abolition of double jeopardy is neither necessary nor in the interests of justice. In Scotland, we have reached the stage of passing laws for no purpose other than to enable the judicial persecution of a single man. This man has done very many bad things during the course of his life, for which he is paying the penalty. Having had his day in court, it is neither just nor right that he should be forced to undergo trial once again for crimes of which he has already been acquitted. It's him today; it's you and me tomorrow. That Scotland's politicians, and I suspect its public servants, don't seem to think this way says more about them than it does about us.
Those who would play fast and loose with tradition should remember that both adjectives also apply to the symptoms of diarrhoea; and one wonders just how badly the Crown Office needs an enema.


Blogger Dutch Boy said...

Double jeopardy will not be used against criminals per se but against the politically incorrect ones. In America we have federal civil rights laws that are used to skirt the double jeopardy prohibition, notably in the Rodney King case back in the 90s. These laws are used against whites almost exclusively.

06 December, 2009 17:25  
Blogger Martin said...

Dutch Boy,

My primary concern is their use against Scots.

06 December, 2009 20:08  
Blogger Dutch Boy said...

Substitute Scots for whites and you have my meaning.

07 December, 2009 22:16  

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