Monday, November 02, 2009

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch...

Or breakfast, or dinner, if you're a British soldier, it would seem. This particular piece of blue-sky thinking might be straight from outside the box - but making the chaps who are trying to stop the Taliban from eating our lunch buy their own is a bit mean-spirited.
I suppose it's just another footsoldier in that legion of anecdotes about how badly you start to think, and how even more badly you start to behave, when you give more consideration to the purity of economic theory than to the needs of human beings.


Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

Many Thanks for the link. I think to be fair, the deal is that the troops get free food when in the field; but they are paid little, charged for meals whilst at home in training, and for transport, and for some of their equipment. if they do not pay for meals they have, in many cases, to hide anything they use to cook, and if they are judged to be underfeeding themselves or sending their money home, they are subjected to discipline.

Honestly, I'm sure (to continue a misconceived theme from a previous post) that the British establishment would be happy for the peasants and warriors to be Borg. Running a Ludwig Von Mises subroutine, obviously.

All the best.

02 November, 2009 08:42  
Blogger Martin said...


Perhaps not Borg in this case; more like Jem'Hadar.

'The British soldier is not a saving animal'; Lord Panmure.

03 November, 2009 05:55  

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