Friday, November 27, 2009

The Persecution Of Gary McKinnon

So Alan Johnson, that plain-speaking man of the people, will not intervene to prevent a vulnerable person being extradited to another country to face allegations regarding actions which may, or may not, have been carried out in this one.
This is the political equivalent of a school bully roughing up a calipered classmate for their lunch money; in my view a Pilate-like self-absolution, and an abuse of power for no purpose apparently higher than really sticking the boot into someone weaker than yourself.
Johnson certainly seems to be one of the less appealing specimens of humanity on the public scene. He must know that to deliver an Asperger's sufferer into the Federal prison system might by and of itself be cruel and unusual punishment. He must know that in the Darwinian world of custody, the weak are automatically the prey of the strong. Yet none of this seems to matter to that old trade unionist.
He seems to have the survival instincts of a sewer rat.


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