Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mandelson And Modernity

In today's 'Telegraph', Charles Moore asks the following questions of Peter Mandelson -
"Has he driven forward the necessary task of modernising and moderating a party that desperately needed to be able once again to run the country? Or has he pushed our public life into a culture of chicanery, political lies and the circumvention of parliamentary democracy? The answer is, both."
As far as Mandelson's concerned, it would appear that the process of 'modernisation' involves ripping the Labour Party to shreds and selling out its historic base, while later having head waiters being suitably servile towards you, and being invited to Rothschild shooting parties, when you are awarded the medieval title of 'Baron' for your efforts.
As ever, modernisation is good for you; but not for me.


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