Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glasgow North East

Today, we are having a Parliamentary bye-election in which two of the four main parties are feilding candidates whose only previous work experience seems to have been as BBC journalists.
This is how revolutions start. Vote Smeato!


Blogger berenike said...

No! Vote Kerr!

12 November, 2009 08:59  
Blogger James Higham said...

No, the avatar is how revolution starts - we've started it.

12 November, 2009 14:03  
Blogger Martin said...

Start the revolution without me.

13 November, 2009 05:59  
Blogger Martin said...


By the time this comment is being moderated, the result will be in, and I haven't looked it up. I hope Kerr hasn't won.

A vote for the candidate of a lawless party is a vote for a lawless party's candidate; in such circumstances, that the candidate himself is Opus Dei is neither here nor there.

13 November, 2009 06:03  

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