Friday, November 27, 2009

A Cultural Failure

While having the greatest sympathy for those who were abused by clergy in Ireland, there are perhaps some others who should be taking a very hard look at themselves.
These behaviours seem to have been so widespread, and of such duration, it seems impossible to believe that no member of the Dail, no editor of the 'Irish Times' or senior correspondent at RTE, and no Attorney-General of the Republic of Ireland would have been unaware of them, even as whispers. The scandal of Irish clerical abuse betrayed a shocking structural flaw in De Valera's almost De Maistrian conception of what Ireland, and the Irish, should be. The cultural autarky he attempted to create has swallowed itself on account not of its superiority, but its conceit.
The Catholic Church in Ireland failed these people; and so did Ireland herself, for Ireland and her good image were deemed to be somehow more valuable than the innocence of Irish children.


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