Monday, November 02, 2009

Chinese Terrorism

Is this sort of terrorism ever condemned by the Chinese government?

And if not, wouldn't it be nice if it were?


Blogger jack said...

Funny how they forget to mention that they are linked to western intelligence and financed and promoted by National Endowment for Democracy and international Islamic terrorism as part of an Islamization process of Central Asia.

FBI whistleblower Sidel Edmonds mentions CIA/Turkish involvement with Xinjing.

"One of the main tools Washington is using in this affair in order to get Turkey involved in the Xinjiang affair is some Turkish Americans, primarily the Fetullah Gulen team who are prosecuted in absentia in Turkey for trying to found a theocratic State order in this country because he runs his activities from the United States, his protégé. Another Turk used in this affair is Enver Yusuf Turani, who is the self styled Foreign and Prime Minister of the East Turkistan Government in exile. He has been an American citizen since 1998. Enver Yusuf is in close cooperation with Fetullah Gulen... Their activities for the government in exile are based on a report entitled “the Xinjiang Project” drafted by Graham Fuller in 1998 for the Rand Corporation and revised in 2003 under the title “the Xinjiang Problem.” It emphasises the importance of the Xinjiang Autonomous region in encircling China and provides a strategy for it.",-Madrassas,-HeroinTerrorism

12 November, 2009 06:10  

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