Thursday, October 22, 2009

Same Time Next Three Million Years

The Darwinists' dogmatic desire to prove that we are naught but gorillas with oversized brain cavities seems to have taken a bit of a knock. Oh dear, chaps; back to the drawing board, or, in your case, mapping some genomes. The hunt goes on; for these guys, there's always another little quarry just outside Frankfurt which might contain a piece of shale which might contain something that looks like a chimpanzee's toenail which might, on a sunny day and with a following wind, provide irrefutable proof of...The Missing Link! Woo Hoo! Those Christians will really get get one in the eye whose genetic characteristics they share with the bonobo monkey that day! Cheeta rules...OK!
Not quite. Once, it was poor wee Lucy. She proved to be a bummer. Next! Now, it's the Frankfurt lemur which has proved to have more in common with, er, lemurs than with us. Next! Biological reductionism might be comic, but it's the coarse, unpleasant comedy that used to be found on a Friday night at the Glasgow Empire; its critics are a tough crowd to please. Next!
It might be considered bad manners to suggest that that old silverback Sir David Attenborough be suspended from natural history broadcasting for having presented an untruth, in the sense of saying something which he believed to be true when it wasn't, to the public as a fact. When a news journalist does this, it's irresponsible and they run a high and heavy risk of losing their job; when a science journalist does it, it's...what? A surfeit of enthusiasm? A desire to have what you've believed all your life proved correct in the full glare of publicity before you die? The Christian should be aware that unless they happen to be lucky enough to be alive at the time of the Resurrection, the point in history when even the most urbane and sophisticated of the godless might wear expressions like, well, gorillas caught in the headlights, they are never going to have that intellectual satisfaction. The Darwinist and the biological reductionist, always seeking to justify their own behaviour by citing the 'law of the jungle', have no such faith to fall back on; and so the hunt goes on, that hunt which they cannot accept might never find its prey. Instead of reading about faith in a book, they would prefer to dig it out of a quarry. They are certainly free to reject Christianity if they so wish; by doing so while continuing to enjoy its fruits, they make a sight just as ridiculous as a man who orders the froth without the beer. Personally, I find their religious fanaticism quite alarming.


Blogger R J said...

We mustn't forget Piltdown Man either. What a triumph for Darwinian "thought" l'homme de Piltdown turned out to be.

Oh yes, and there was that other great moment in palaeontology's annals, Nebraska Man. Anybody, except me, remember Nebraska Man? Biiiiiig scientific sensation for a while in the early 1920s. Made it to the Illustrated London News. Anyhow, the tooth which "proved" Nebraska Man to be a sort of trial run for Shakespeare, Beethoven, and Britney Spears turned out, on closer examination, to belong to ... I am not making this up ... a wild pig.

Nice try, chaps. I have a Brooklyn Bridge to sell you all, and my spies tell me that you can make a killing by buying shares in phlogiston.

Patrick Buchanan had a good piece on the topic recently:

22 October, 2009 22:10  

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