Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Irish

And so there's only a day to go until the Irish go the polls to vote on the Lisbon Treaty - again, just another in the long line of examples of the Irish Establishment's contempt for the will of the Irish people. The Irish Establishment seems to believe that it belongs among the world's elites, although the mess they've made of Ireland's economy must make the world's real movers and shakers look at them with the same contempt with which they would survey a bunch of bumpkins just off the bus from Bunacurry. This might be with good reason - in global terms, that's just what they are.
If nothing else, the Irish Establishment's commitment to democracy cannot be faulted. It loves voting - why else would it have the Irish vote on the same subjects again and again?
For reasons best known to themselves, the 'Yes' campaign seeks Ireland's de facto abolition. It has been orchestrated by an Establishment addicted to the type of economy created by the late Charles Haughey, one only capable of being sustained by funny money and the Irish providing cheaper labour than anywhere else. This rush to 'inward investment', and the predictable collapse of the cheap labour economy (had nobody in the Irish Establishment ever heard of the Brigadoon once called 'Silicon Glen'?), has given an interesting twist to one of Irish history's dominant themes, that of emigration - whereas the Irish once took jobs overseas in order to avoid having to stand in dole queues, they now stand in dole queues having watched their jobs go overseas. Haughey was a corrupt fraud - it should come as no surprise that history has proven his economic vision to have been as corrupt and fraudulent as he was.
One would have thought that such sentiments as the abolition of Ireland would be capable of being overcome by sheer weight of numbers - not of votes cast tomorrow, but of the corpses of Irishmen killed by Irishmen in a very nasty civil war over how Ireland should be governed. It's a pity they don't get votes. As an economic philosophy, neoliberalism has proved to be as substantial as belief in the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow. Let us hope that the land of our fathers does not reach its journey's end because Charlie Haughey sold its people a crock. Too many Irish have died violently at the hands of other Irish in the name of Ireland for that to happen just yet.


Blogger PJMULVEY said...


Saturday may be the last meaningful vote for the Irish people before it becomes just another 'state' (small s) ruled by secular and anti-Christian bureaucrats in Brussels, Berlin and Paris. Why give up sovereignty and independence hard fought for centuries in order to continue receiving subsidies? Do the people think that the 90's infrastructure boom will continue when there are dirt roads in the eastern EU to be paved? I guess perceived economic gain trumps patriotism every day.....

01 October, 2009 21:37  
Blogger Martin said...


Yes, perhaps. All they've done is swap one imperial ruler for another - as if blood was spilled for centuries for no higher aim than to be ruled by a imperial overlord of their own choosing.

02 October, 2009 05:17  

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