Friday, October 16, 2009


European Union pressure on the Czech Republic to sign the Lisbon Treaty in no way differs from the Third Reich's aggression towards Czechoslovakia in 1938; Czech independendence is being screwed over all over again as a result of the British Establishment's willingness to placate Continental powers; and its betrayal of the Czechs is just as odious as it was 70 years ago.


Blogger Martin Meenagh said...

Thank you for the link. It is odd that things come down at the end of a rather low and dishonest decade to a sudeten thing again. I deeply admire the modern German state, and I notice that Angela Merkel has been quiet on this issue; but people like Barroso and Sarkozy are suggesting that they won't 'tolerate' the Czech's right to query a treaty.

The President has form; he is one of the few politicians around with the mind or moral core to have seen through the global warming scam, and has the spine to have done so publicly. I stuck the Czech flag on my blog--a silly gesture--when I read of him, months ago.

Benes, Dubcek, Havel...Klaus?

17 October, 2009 11:52  

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