Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Crime Of Saying What You Think

But the totaligayrian blackshorts are on the warpath, and, no matter what they tell you, dissent is not an option. As Mark Shea would put it - You*Must*Approve.


Blogger James Higham said...

Well done and let me link to this in a post coming up.

17 October, 2009 19:45  
Blogger Martin said...


Link away. No permissions required.

18 October, 2009 11:04  
Blogger Grant said...


I'm surprised at your attitude here. Moir's faults are manifold and grave, and have absolutely nothing to do with her attitude to gay people.

She tramples totally over such concepts as good manners and human decency. I know such things are considered old-fashioned and quaint, but the egregious way in which Moir lines her own journalistic nest by exploiting the grief of a bereaved family is nauseating. Every statement she makes is based on a combination of complete ignorance, stomach-churning prurience and her own fetid imagination. Quite apart from her sadistic disregard of the feelings of others. Whether one believes that gays are upstanding members of society or should be sent to the outer reaches of hell has no bearing whatsoever on whether one should condemn Moir's boorish incivility.

For you to imply that she is the victim of 'totaligayrian blackshorts' is mystifying to me. Are we never to criticise those who seek to drag public discourse into the gutter? She is the victim of nothing more than her own lack of any moral bearings.

The one comfort I take from this episode is that the general public reaction, including, it seems, from very many Daily Mail readers, shows that traditional British values of decency and morality are not dead. Far from it, it shows that Moir and her ilk, for whom manners and delicacy clearly mean about as much as advanced caculus does for my two-year old son, will not be allowed to spew their venom unchecked.

I doubt that Moir is a fan of Matthew 7:12 - otherwise she might be staring into a future of particular lonely bitterness.

Sorry about the intemperate tone! Moir's article really got my goat. I find your blog a consistently stimulating read.

19 October, 2009 07:44  
Blogger Martin said...


She's a newspaper columnist. To offend against good taste and decency are part of the job description.

19 October, 2009 08:32  

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