Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"Tedious directives, state power and bureaucratic snooping – the interference that everyone professes to hate – are all that stand between civilisation and corporate hell."
I have to agree with him. Regulation is the natural order of things - the harvest is not brought in in the winter, lead cannot be turned into gold, 'e' equals mcsquared at all times and under all circumstances and, despite the best efforts of our chartered accountants, one and one always makes two. Those who moan and bitch and bitch and moan about business being over-regulated seem to assume that having a business sector is the natural order of things. That ain't necessarily so, a point which my previous suggestion of a few summary uncompensated forfeitures would impress quite forcefully upon those who see globalisation, whatever that is, as a vehicle for advancing the liberty of business to do business while turning the world into a prison planet for the rest of us.
Limited liability companies should be kept on leashes as tight as a dancing bear's. They do not exist in any meaningful sense - neither eating, nor breathing, nor sleeping, nor living nor dying (and thus presumably undead), it is grotesque that they should be permitted to contract obligations and sue for relief against flesh and blood. The one thing one never hears nowadays is any word of thanks from British businesspeople to their fellow citizens for being so tolerant of so many of their madcap antics. This state of affairs might not endure.


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Excellent post

22 September, 2009 17:05  
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Thanks, Martin.

23 September, 2009 06:58  

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