Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Most Offensive Advert Of All Time

Hat tip - Mark Shea.
One of the reasons I am unsuited to the holding of civic office is that I am sometimes attracted to the panache of Russian penology.
I mean, when your jailers shave your head and sew you into lice-infested pyjamas, I imagine that you are certainly aware of the fact that you are being punished.
One cannot help but think that the creatives who produced this advert could do with a dose of that kind of treatment. I would stop short of having the words 'I AM AN ARSEHOLE' tattooed on their foreheads; but it's a close run thing.
This advert is for the World Wildlife Fund, as is or was. Many of the more misanthropically Malthusian humanity hating save the whale types decry our selfish and irresponsible behaviour, of how we do things like engage in irresponsible parenting, have too many absent fathers and single mothers, and feed our children an unsustainable diet of junk food.
Not unlike the giant panda on WWF's logo. Man, I could really just go a sealburger right now.


Blogger Mark P. Shea said...

Just a note to clarify. World Wildlife Fund never approved this ad and is running around making that clear. It was put together by a "creative team" without WWF's permission and entered in a competition for the delectation of other "creative" types.

If I were running WWF I would be looking forward to a delightful lawsuit against these clowns.

03 September, 2009 23:51  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, Mark.

04 September, 2009 04:32  

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