Thursday, September 10, 2009

Commercial Confidentiality

An old bee in the bonnet gets to buzz.
Can we at last bin the idea that Scroggs's marketing plan for the Gigawidget is somehow deserving of the same level of confidentiality as a solicitor's advice to their client, a doctor's treatment of their patient and a priest's in the confessional? Smashing the erstaz mystique of 'commercial confidentiality' would go a long way to restoring the correct balance between the private sector and the private citizen; which in my opinion should be that of the businessman publicly thanking his fellows for voting for conditions which enable him to do business, and his acknowledgment that his fellows are the landlords upon whose sufferance business remains capable of being done.
A few eye-watering uncompensated summary forfeitures would do the British business class no end of good.


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