Monday, September 07, 2009

The BNP On The BBC

My own antifa credentials being, of course, impeccable, one can say such things without being accused of whatever the -ism du jour might be; yet one can hardly deny a place on a current affairs discussion show to a party for which the people have, you know, voted in sufficient numbers to ensure its leader's election to the European Parliament.
The BNP is something of an oddity in the modern British electoral system, deriving from its popularity from expounding policies which differ from not one but three mainstream parties. One is almost tempted to ask, 'Who are the democrats?'
I remain convinced that the BNP's voters are largely not race-baiters and potential Einsatzgruppenfuhrers; in all likelihood, they are people who feel themselves excluded from society as a result of the economic and cultural mono-ideologies of the past two (three? four?) decades. If they feel this way, it is probably with good reason; they have been excluded from it, and the BNP is the only party that seems to be adopting a holistic approach to policy that they feel addresses their concerns. The desire to throw the bums out always leads to the election of more bums; yet while almost all political rhetoric is wind and hot air, at least these bums are speaking some old farts' language.
Regardless of its aims, the very fact of its existence demonstrates that our democracy still exists; and while Little Nicky Griffin, The Cambridge Boxing Blue, might give every appearance of being a thoroughly unsavoury individual, my money would be on him waging a better defence of the BBC's right to exist against the unmandated, undemocratic assaults of Sunny Jim Murdoch than say, Oliver Letwin or Ed Balls ever could. Or would.
One of the most interesting aspects of this news is that the Labour Party seems to be tying itself in knots trying to avoid providing a speaker to counter the arguments of someone who claims to represent the interests of the working class. This is one of those wonderful occasions when the secular world turns itself upside down as a result of following its contradictions to their natural conclusions. It is so contrary to the spirit of democracy that in the eyes of some, it might just succeed in painting the BNP in a favourable light.
It will be interesting to see whether editorial sleight of hand is used to diminish Griffin, or whichever other giant papier-mache head the BNP sends along, by having them open every debate, thus giving every other speaker the chance to counter their arguments. This would be an Establishment stitch up, and it will be very interesting to see how the program actually pans out in that regard. And it will be interesting to see whether the BNP talking giant paper-mache head gets to make the point that now that it has been ordered to open membership to all comers, the Black and Muslim Police Associations will be required to do the same.
And it will be very interesting to see whether the Conservatives actually engage the BNP on policy, as opposed to spastically defaulting to the kind of sterile name-calling that has propelled it to prominence. The electoral nullification of the BNP has at all times been the duty of the Conservative Party - a duty it has neglected for many, many years.


Blogger James Higham said...

If they feel this way, it is probably with good reason; they have been excluded from it...

The semi-colon is vital here.

07 September, 2009 09:30  
Blogger Martin said...

Thanks, James.

Memo to other readers; this comment box exists to for readers comment upon what I have written. It is not a forum for the duplicate posting of entries on other blogs.

That practice gives the writer the perhaps false impression that the reader isn't really interested in what he has to say, but in just making their own point. This seems a bit rude. It has been tolerated long enough, is now intolerable, and accordingly isn't going to be tolerated any more. Any future duplicate posting of entries is going to be summarily rejected.

09 September, 2009 07:26  

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