Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunny Jim

Define irony.
Gilbert Keith Chesterton tirelessly dedicated his life and enormous energy to the advance of Christianity. For this, he was appointed Knight Commander of The Order of St. Gregory the Great.
Keith Rupert Murdoch has led a life dedicated to his own enrichment, debasing the culture by putting images of bare female breasts into family newspapers, always doing what the other guy won't in order to get ahead, imposing himself on the democratic process and generally epitomising Chesterton's observation on the British media that it did not have 'freedom from censorship of the press, but freedom of censorship by the press’. He is also a Knight Commander of The Order of St. Gregory the Great. Should he ever elect to flash his papal credentials, Keith would do well to remember that he holds the same rank as Sir Jimmy Savile - for whom a strong case can be made that his award is merited.
James Murdoch, The Roop's apparent heir apparent (and who also bears an astonishing resemblance to the actor David Hyde Pierce; compare, contrast, compare, contrast), has used the bully pulpit of a lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival to attack the competition, in his case, the BBC - Sunny Jim'll fix them, in a manner of speaking. He is clearly a very accomplished man; after all, to be appointed to a senior executive role in the company your father chairs in the face of what must have been incredibly stiff competition from the brightest and best business school graduates in the world indicates that the guy must really have what it takes.
Yet should thoughts of dynasty cloud his mind, he would do well to remember that the trouble with being a dynasty is that the young pretender really does need to be as good as the old man was, at all times and under all circumstances; and they're often hard acts to follow. Personally, the thought of another Murdoch appearing to use the power of the media they control to interfere in the public life of a country they have done very well out of is repugnant. It's among the best of all possible arguments against BBC reform.


Blogger PJMULVEY said...

Martin: We sometimes have to separate the Vatican (a state) and the Church. The Vatican sometimes tips its toes into the worldly realm....remember the Banco Ambrosiano scandal... so it would not surprise me that Murdock has done some favors along the way for a prelate or two and was repaid with a knighthood.....tame compared to the Medici's. He is also a 33rd degree Freemason, an organization whose goals are also at odds with the what type of knight is that? As far as his son, the pedigree is much more important then the degrees or experience. In one way it is admirable compared to Sumner Redstone's octogenarian disputes with his children in court.

29 August, 2009 20:58  

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