Monday, August 03, 2009


Let us assume for a moment that the libertarians' dystopic vision of a nightmare future, where they live in a totalitarian state and the law refuses to validate every single one of their preferences, has come to pass.
In such a future, there would be at least one Englishman, who while being led away, head shaved and sewn into lousy pyjamas, would mutter that it was the result of a cock-up, not a conspiracy.
Let us hope, for their sake, that I am not chained to them; for they would get the piece of my mind that they deserve.
The chat regarding Peter Mandelson's possible return to the House of Commons and accession to the leadership of the Labour Party is really heating up. One wonders whether what we are seeing is the result of a thousand flying kites, or else the warm-up act for a constitutional fait accompli.
Whichever way it plays, it is likely to result in the further empowerment of an unwholesome man with a bad record in office and poor judgement in friends. This is not good for us. There must be someone else capable of leading the country to a better future. While Lord Mandelson might wish to cast his bread upon the waters, it's now so stale that you wouldn't feed it to the ducks.


Blogger James Higham said...

In one sense, the new Heseltine and in another - come to accept his infernal throne.

03 August, 2009 16:11  
Blogger Laban said...

I'm assuming that it won't make much odds anyway, once Lisbon is passed.

It would pretty much destroy the Labour Party though. You can just see the remaining activists tearing up the cards. Unless the 'citizenship for membership' immigration idea takes off, then they'll have as many members as they want !

04 August, 2009 11:50  
Blogger Martin said...


You've got a point.

05 August, 2009 06:23  

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