Friday, August 21, 2009

Interim Lib

Well, that was so excruciating I wanted the sofa to swallow me the way Johnny Depp's did in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'.
The sight of Kenny MacAskill, 'Cabinet Secretary for Justice' and Lord High Copfighter-General of Scotland, cranking through his public statement like a petrified second-year trainee solicitor making their first plea in mitigation in front of a disinterested stipendiary magistrate at Glasgow District Court, or a ham actor plodding his way through a potboiler at Pittenweem Rep., was too much to bear. Thank God for the Scottish cringe, because if I hadn't cringed and switched him off, I might not have survived much longer. I'm almost glad that Megrahi has been freed, if only to bring that horribly written, badly delivered speech to an end.
I will be revisiting this subject in a big way over the next few days; stay tuned. No sacred cow will go unslaughtered.


Blogger Catholic Teuchtar said...

Saw him interviewed on BBC News 24 on Thursday at around 5pm after the decision. I thought he was incredibly, outstanding.

Never saw what you are referring to, and Im sure your judgement is as biased as mine.

What I saw on Thursday tea-time, absolutely outstanding.

Infact he was so outstanding that he was essentially blanked out for the rest of the evening by Brit B C and they reduced themselves to quoting the interview.

Considering this is the man who "made" the decision. It was obvious why.


22 August, 2009 16:38  
Blogger James Higham said...

An entertaining time was had by all then, Martin?

22 August, 2009 20:14  
Blogger The Young Oligarch said...

Funnily enough , Martin , that's exactly what I felt and did .

23 August, 2009 14:25  
Blogger Martin said...

You betcha.

23 August, 2009 15:44  
Blogger David Lindsay said...

The prisoner transfer agreement with Libya is the biggest of Blair's booby traps for Brown to go off so far. But it is not the first. Nor will it be the last.

What Scots think of Kenny McAskill's decision will be made clear at the Glasgow North-East by-election. Even the prospect of electing an Opus Dei MP is not quite a good enough reason to vote SNP even in general, never mind now.

And as for Blair, considering how fabulously rich he has become as his reward for the Iraq War, the Statute Law should be amended to bill him by name for the cost of it.

The Libya deal was also vintage neoconservatism in action - pretending to get rid of non-existent WMD so that the oil money could flow.

23 August, 2009 19:23  

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