Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Tyranny Of Technocrats

According to 'The Sunday Telegraph', the ruddy-faced Lord Jones of Birmingham apparently believes that,
"Health, education, business, transport, defence and security are too important to be left any longer to enthusiastic amateurs.

"We must use the impetus created by the MPs' expenses scandal to deliver a system of governing fit for purpose in a highly competitive, technically advanced, consumer driven, delivery-focused 21st century world."
His use of four separate adjectival phrases to describe the '21st century world' might lead one to believe that His Lordship has a bad dose of Blowhard's Overkill; yet given that his own understanding of the nature of globalisation, easily the most pressing issue of our times, seems to be at best weak, hopefully he is not suggesting some kind of technocratic tyranny.
I wouldn't put it past any of these people.


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